Uses of Interface

Packages that use Attachment

Uses of Attachment in com.auxilii.msgparser

Fields in com.auxilii.msgparser with type parameters of type Attachment
protected  List<Attachment> Message.attachments
          A list of all attachments (both FileAttachment and MsgAttachment).

Methods in com.auxilii.msgparser that return types with arguments of type Attachment
 List<Attachment> Message.getAttachments()

Methods in com.auxilii.msgparser with parameters of type Attachment
 void Message.addAttachment(Attachment attachment)

Method parameters in com.auxilii.msgparser with type arguments of type Attachment
 void Message.setAttachments(List<Attachment> attachments)

Uses of Attachment in com.auxilii.msgparser.attachment

Classes in com.auxilii.msgparser.attachment that implement Attachment
 class FileAttachment
          Implementation of the Attachment interface that represents a file attachment.
 class MsgAttachment
          This Attachment implementation represents a .msg object attachment.

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