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Uses of RecipientEntry in com.auxilii.msgparser

Fields in com.auxilii.msgparser with type parameters of type RecipientEntry
protected  List<RecipientEntry> Message.recipients
          A list containing all recipients for this message (which can be set in the 'to:', 'cc:' and 'bcc:' field, respectively).

Methods in com.auxilii.msgparser that return RecipientEntry
 RecipientEntry Message.getToRecipient()
          Retrieves the RecipientEntry object that represents the TO recipient of the message.

Methods in com.auxilii.msgparser that return types with arguments of type RecipientEntry
 List<RecipientEntry> Message.getBccRecipients()
          Retrieves a list of RecipientEntry objects that represent the BCC recipients of the message.
 List<RecipientEntry> Message.getCcRecipients()
          Retrieves a list of RecipientEntry objects that represent the CC recipients of the message.
 List<RecipientEntry> Message.getRecipients()

Methods in com.auxilii.msgparser with parameters of type RecipientEntry
 void Message.addRecipient(RecipientEntry recipient)
protected  void MsgParser.checkRecipientDocumentEntry(org.apache.poi.poifs.filesystem.DocumentEntry de, RecipientEntry recipient)
          Parses a recipient document entry which can either be a simple entry or a stream that has to be split up into multiple document entries again.

Method parameters in com.auxilii.msgparser with type arguments of type RecipientEntry
 void Message.setRecipients(List<RecipientEntry> recipients)

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