Uses of Interface

Packages that use RTF2HTMLConverter

Uses of RTF2HTMLConverter in com.auxilii.msgparser

Fields in com.auxilii.msgparser declared as RTF2HTMLConverter
protected  RTF2HTMLConverter Message.rtf2htmlConverter
protected  RTF2HTMLConverter MsgParser.rtf2htmlConverter

Methods in com.auxilii.msgparser with parameters of type RTF2HTMLConverter
 void MsgParser.setRtf2htmlConverter(RTF2HTMLConverter rtf2htmlConverter)
          Setter for overriding the default RTF2HTMLConverter implementation which is used to get HTML code from an RTF body.

Constructors in com.auxilii.msgparser with parameters of type RTF2HTMLConverter
Message(RTF2HTMLConverter rtf2htmlConverter)

Uses of RTF2HTMLConverter in com.auxilii.msgparser.rtf

Classes in com.auxilii.msgparser.rtf that implement RTF2HTMLConverter
 class JEditorPaneRTF2HTMLConverter
 class SimpleRTF2HTMLConverter
          This class is intended to be used for certain RTF related operations such as extraction of plain HTML from an RTF text.

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